World Class Sales Process Self-Assessment
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World Class Sales Process Self-Assessment
How does your company's sales process stack up with the best in the world?
Find out by selecting a customer type or market segment that is important to you. Then answer these simple questions in the next ten minutes.
If you are not from your company's sales department, ask one of them to complete it as well.
You'll get a valuable framework for understanding what is working and not working in your sales and marketing system. Comparing your responses to the responses of others in your company will provide new insights on causes of current undesirable results. You’ll gain a new perspective on small changes with big potential impact.
After entering your contact information, you'll get
  1. graphs comparing your scores to the averages of other B2B companies,
  2. a brief diagnosis based on your unique scores, and
  3. an email with a link to your diagnosis page for future reference.
Your information is always confidential and will not be shared with others.
Begin by answering the first question below. A “DK” indicates you do not know the answer. You can also leave a comment about your experience at the bottom of the page.
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  1. Larry
    7 years ago

    There is not a way to generate leads now except for doing shows and surfing the web. getting qualified leads is essential to me. We need leads that want to talk to us. Are interceded in doing business with us. We need to have a way to find those folks and get them to talk to us. Shows are the only way I know to get real people with real interest. The rest is a crap shoot. It works a bit but not for the most part.

  2. Larry
    7 years ago

    I'm not sure any of this is true for Lebermuth. At least from where I sit there is no help in finding leads, or a way to find good opportunities unless you do the research on line and or through magazines etc. which is fine.

    if we had prospects then we would be in the door and be able to work it and closing would be easy.

  3. Larry
    7 years ago

    Keeping we do the best at except for 12 wo as far as I know do not study customers conduct.

  4. Larry
    7 years ago

    maybe with the CRM will get better at this.

  5. Larry
    7 years ago

    for sure have to work harder each year to develop new business. Harder and harder to get good qualified leads who are interested in talking to us. Companies set in there ways especially big ones don't like to change. Even if there is a cost savings it's too much work to set up a new vendor. I find many large companies are lazy and don't care so long as they are profitable.

    7 years ago

    my comment on the finding, winning, keeping and maintaining are related to oem channel

    7 years ago

    A lot need to be done as regard to customer satisfaction, support and presales services are concerned.

  8. Anatolij
    7 years ago

    Comparison of the sales production system of Triton Co with the best world practices proves useful.

  9. Anatolij
    7 years ago

    Statistics of losses due to misuse of instruments, growth of wages and lack of labor force make it necessary to introduce changes.

  10. Brian F
    7 years ago

    Customers are interested in us. I would like our ability to turn them into a loyal an active customer to improve.

  11. Nicole Courter
    7 years ago

    My focus is mostly on the grocery store side of our business. It is much harder to find leads on this side of our industry. I am also inside sales which makes it a little more tough to prospect. We are successful in some ways on the grocery side though!

  12. Cindy Panke
    5 years ago

    Our system does not allow for our varied market segments and approaching those, often separate customers, with in a high profile and potentially high margin account. It does not place customer first.