Statement from a proud GM…

“Our B2B Sales Organization is World Class Out Performing Every Other Team in Our Industry!”

Are you willing to see how your sales team stacks up against the best-in-breed organizations?

High performing B2B sales teams don’t just happen.  They are designed, developed and improved upon over time.  It takes a sales team supported by disciplined marketing willing to measure itself and taking on a service mentality focused on delighting customers in the effort to selling even more to those satisfied customers. These work together to deliver consistent results that improve over time through dedicated learning from both their successes and failures.  So good sales teams get better and better and better on their way towards excellence. At SPC, we have worked with sales organizations all over the world.  We understand sales, sales teams dynamics, sales processes and most importantly, the role marketing and customer service play in their success. This experience has led us to identify four areas where sales processes are typically broken. These are critical areas for any sales team regardless of industry.  And when organizations address the issues surrounding these four areas, we have seen world-class sales organizations emerge enabling them to outclass everyone else.

Want to learn what these four areas are and how your organization stacks up?

We’ve developed a simple 20-question survey with a 100-point scoring system that will show you where you rank.  It will show you how you measure up in these four critical areas and provide you with recommendation to begin addressing your shortcomings.