Sales VPs, Sales & Marketing VPs:

Make Your Sales Funnel
Flow Faster, Win More
of the Right Customers

Align Your Company With What Your Customers Want

If you are like most Sales VPs, it isn't getting any easier to
  • Attract enough of the right kind of prospects to make your numbers
  • Prioritize your time by knowing which marketing and sales opportunities will actually buy from you
  • Get the rest of your company to understand what has to be done to achieve sales goals
  • Get sellers and marketers on the same page, working toward the same goals
  • Learn what you can do to take market share, while improving customer satisfaction
  • Identify—and eliminate—causes of sales problems
You've probably pursued some form of sales process approach. If you have, you may have struggled with a little secret:

Most sales processes make salespeople work harder.

For example, sales trainers can offer great skills and practices for selling value. Yet these aren't much help if the real problem is the time it takes to service customers, or to find prospects in the first place. If you are like most companies you've tried lots of "fixes" like these and many others.

Unfortunately, unless someone has identified the root causes of sales problems - using data and evidence - such fixes may disappoint.

It doesn't have to be that way! Processes are supposed to create value. You're supposed to put $1 in and get $2 out. If something doesn't add value for you, or for your customers, you shouldn't be doing it (and it isn't "Lean" either!). Chances are that is why your salespeople aren't "following" what ever process they've been given right now!

For the last ten years, my team has helped dozens of Sales VPs figure out the right way to design their sales processes. We've helped many businesses learn how to apply Lean process excellence approaches the right way -in the way that helps customers buy. We’ve prepared a free introduction for Sales and Marketing leaders titled:

Make Your Sales Funnel
Flow Faster, and Win
More of the Right Customers
Through Sales Process Excellence
 - a Guide for Sales and Marketing Managers

Printable pdf file, 3400 words, 16 pages (447kb) 

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This report will demonstrate a framework for overcoming persistent sales and marketing challenges, such as:
  • Why current sales management methods do not fully address the most significant problems in sales
  • Why current sales problem-solving methods don’t work
  • How process excellence applies in sales and marketing and why it is worth applying
  • How to get more time for your salespeople in front of your best prospects
  • How to win support from other functional departments so you can develop the flow of business your organization needs
  • How to gain salespeople’s cooperation and increase their performance without generating waste, distorting behavior, and harming customer relationships

This report will give you a new and useful perspective on sales problems, and new and proven solutions.  By “solutions” I mean at least three things you can do to provide better guidance to your salespeople, gain greater cooperation from other functions, and improve your company’s interactions with customers.

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