Quality Management Investor

How to Select Winning Companies for Your Investment Portfolio

Dear Professional,

If you've been reading "Sales and Marketing the Six Sigma Way," you know that quality management has had a major influence on the business world. When I interviewed Craig Robinson for the book, I was struck by the sophistication that went into his process for evaluating companies his fund invests in.

This whitepaper is based on that interview. It presents material that didn't make it into the book because there just wasn't room. You'll learn:
  • The main components of Kopp's proprietary scoring method for selecting stocks
  • How the "Total Quality Management Fund" has performed compared to the S&P500
  • How the fund deals with ambiguity, and the lack of availability of data in the market
You'll also learn where to get more information about this thought leading approach to investing.

The title of this white paper is "How Kopp Investments Selects Winning Companies: The Total Quality Management Investment Fund." To read it, please fill out the form on the right.

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