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Don't spend money on CRM or Sales Training until you read this!

If you're wondering if Lean philosophy can be applied in sales and marketing, here is some good news. The answer is an emphatic, "Yes." Sales and marketing represents a huge profit and growth opportunity for B2B organizations with successful Lean track records. To help you understand why we are so sure, we have developed this FREE report to review a framework we have developed and used successfully in client engagements. These work at overcoming persistent sales and marketing challenges, such as:

  • What makes sales and marketing so hard to manage, measure, and improve?
  • How to get sellers and marketers to move from resisting to embracing standard work?
  • Why redirecting your company from “product-out” to “customer-in” approaches maximizes effectiveness of sales and marketing
  • Why are sales problems often misdiagnosed, and why do the fixes (such as CRM and sales training) usually fail?
  • How to distinguish value from waste in sales and marketing (and measure it)?
  • How to provide sales and marketing with a data-driven way to spend more time on the right prospects (and less time on the wrong ones)
  • How to gain visibility into your sales process (and your sales channels) by establishing useful metrics that actually empower salespeople
  • How to remove impediments to sales growth, many of which are created by your organization rather than your customers or competitors

This summary of Lean Sales Process Excellence—and how and why it works—will help you set your organization on the path to more predictable sales growth, more profitable customer relationships, and to eating your competitor's lunch. It will provide you with a case study illustrating what a large company accomplished with its sales process.

At a minimum, you will learn to see sales as a business process for finding, winning, and keeping customers, and one that can be improved.  Few executives think of sales that way, so even fewer organizations manage sales that way. Take a quick moment—right now—to take the first step toward leaning out your sales results.  If your company has experience in process improvement, you owe it to your organization, your salespeople, your customers, and yourself.