What Marketing and Selling Executives Often Don't Understand About Their Business ROI

And What You Can Do About It!

If you are a CEO or a CFO, you probably know your company's ROI on marketing and selling, at least in general. You also probably know that your financial return is about as predictable as a crap shoot.

Listen to the arguments between the marketing and the selling departments. How do you know who is going to be right? Personal track records are so critical in marketing and selling - and so fragile - precisely because people haven't taken the next step to really break things down from a financial, as well as from a business process perspective.

Both are required. It is simple, really. This article has been a hit at the Six Sigma conferences across the U.S. It will provide you with a perspective on how to make marketing and selling more predictable.

After all, business should not be like a game of craps. Life is much much better when you've figured out how to legally and ethically load the dice!

"What Impact Does Your Sales and Marketing Process Have on Your Financial Statements?"