Design and Manage the Sales Process A Lean Six Sigma Approach for B2B

Dear Sales and Marketing Professional,

Is your company struggling to get prospects through the sales funnel faster?

Trying to make that happen can be frustrating. Executives I have talked to ask questions like these:
  • "Why isn't our market promotion having the effect we want it to?"
  • "Why can't our salespeople close business more quickly?
  • "What can we do to to produce more revenue and profit when there is no additional money to invest?"
These are difficult challenges, but there is something you can do. It isn't hard, and it doesn't require lots of money. Its principles are now helping divisions of companies such as Citibank, Oracle, IBM, and GE to achieve remarkable sales successes. Learn about it by reading this whitepaper:

"How to Make Your Sales Funnel Flow Faster"
An interveiw with Hugh Macfarlane, author of "The Leaky Funnel"

The white paper includes:
  • Four steps to make your funnel flow faster
  • Case examples of sales and marketing process changes that made the funnel flow faster
  • A model for enabling marketing and sales departments to work together successfully

Whether you are a marketer or a seller, you'll learn the real issues involved in helping customers buy, and of improving that process.

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