Secrets of Customer Value: A proven, step-by-step approach to defining, measuring, and improving your value proposition.

You know the drill. A useful new product is launched. Millions of dollars in development and people s careers are staked on its success. There are even some customers who positively love it.

But it doesn't sell. At least, not enough. Sales presentations don t lead to deal-making. Special sales training fizzles. Sales and marketing begin blaming each other. Everybody loses.

Why does this happen?

There are a variety of reasons, but they all revolve around one thing: the value proposition.

I know because I worked for many years in companies that thought a lot about their product, but didn't really understand its value. If they did have an idea about its value, they ran into another problem: how can we get customers to see it so we can sellsomething! 

Now, you can read an excellent article that clarifies the secrets of customer value propositions:

Business Value Mapping - A Key to Making Sales Easier

I just wanted you to know that I truly enjoyed your Business Value Mapping article. I am in the business of selling professional services and my biggest challenge is "tangibilizing the intangible." Your value mapping outline has helped me take a significant step towards refining my approach with my clients. 
Michael Ray, Michael Ray, LLC (Engineering Your Potential)

This article tells the story of one company's struggle to develop and launch powerful new products - products that should have been successful. You'll learn the real issues involved in developing sales processes based on value (as opposed to price). And you'll learn the on-ramp to a step-by-step approach to defining, measuring, and improving the sales process. 

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